How The Conversation Over The Buffalo Bills Has Turned From Bad To Glowing In One Month

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How The Conversation Over The Buffalo Bills Has Turned From Bad To Glowing In One Month

Post by admin » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:58 am

It wasn’t so long ago that some fans were trying to run Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills out of town. They were an underachieving team with a porous run defense and stagnant offense. The pressure appeared to be getting to head coach Sean McDermott, who walked out of a press conference in a moment of frustration.

Now the conversation has shifted to terms so glowing that you have to wonder if all perspective has been lost. There is talk of the Bills perhaps winning the AFC East title and predictions of Buffalo winning a playoff game.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. The Bills are not as bad as some thought only a few games ago, and they are not as good as some are saying now. In this league, fortunes can turn on a dime.

The Bills (9-3) are riding a wave of positive sentiment going into their biggest challenge of the season against the AFC’s top team, the Baltimore Ravens (10-2). This game on Sunday will clearly be a showdown between Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, and this duel shouldn’t be close. Jackson is the talk of the NFL and the leading candidate to be MVP.

Allen is improving, but he’s still not an elite QB by any stretch. In fact, Pro Football Focus ranks Allen as the 26th best quarterback in the NFL. Jackson is ranked No. 3.

While noting that the Bills QB has improved in the short and intermediate passing game (1-19-yard range), PFF says this of Allen: “His 34.3 passing grade on throws of 20-plus air yards is the worst in the league by a wide margin as he’s completed just 27.7% of these attempts, and it’s showing up in a big-time throw percentage that ranks just 37th out of 38 qualifiers (1.6%).”

The low point might have been on Nov. 10 when the Bills were 6-2 and taking on the Cleveland Browns, who were 2-6. The Bills lost that one 19-16. At the time, critics were saying this was a missed opportunity. Fans were on edge because two weeks earlier, the Philadelphia Eagles routed Buffalo 31-13.

But since the Browns loss, the Bills have put together solid victories over the Miami Dolphins (37-20), the Denver Broncos (20-3) and the Dallas Cowboys (26-15).

The Bills are feeling good about themselves. The fans are feeling good about the Bills. In fact, Buffalo is in a position to clinch a playoff spot if they beat the Ravens and get outside help. Oakland would have to lose or tie, plus Houston must lose and Indianapolis must lose or tie.

Not only that, but the well-regarded site,, has come up with its playoff prediction tool, and says the Bills have a 95% chance to make the playoffs and those odds go up to 99% if Buffalo defeats the Ravens on Sunday.

In addition, NBC’s Peter King has become a believer in the Bills. He predicts Buffalo can win a playoff game on one condition. That the Bills don’t play in Kansas City.

King is also a big believer in coach McDermott.

“Sean McDermott is a perfect coach for that city, that market, those fans,” King said on his podcast. “He and (general manager) Brandon Beane are building the kind of team that that area loves. A rock, ribbed defensive team that has a tough, Jim Kelly-type quarterback – which Josh Allen is.”

All this positive sentiment could change quickly. After the Ravens game, the Bills are on the road to face the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.

The question all season has been whether the Bills are as good as their record indicates because of victories scored over weak opponents. Over the next three games, the definitive answer to that question will finally be revealed.

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